My goal is to help you build a safe and sustainable yoga practice that can benefit your life far beyond the time you spend on your mat.  In this space you can hear from other students what they love about virtual classes with Stable Vibes Yoga and in-person experiences at Backwards Yoga in Eldridge, Iowa!


Sydnie: "Your classes are some of the few that have ever made me feel really emotional and spiritually connected.  When I did my yoga session on Monday I went into it with a lot of hip pain and came out of it finally being able to relax my lower body because those hip openers helped so much!  Thank you- can't wait for the next one!"


Jake: "Thank you so much for being such a driving force for good in my life.  You have had a far greater impact on me than you know.  You have helped me recover from injuries and kept me strong, and that's the least of it.  Watching you work for your dreams keeps me working for mine.  Thanks for all the guidance and inspiration!  I have nothing but love and respect for you, never doubt what you are doing."


Diana: "I want to thank you for inviting me to join Backwards Yoga!!  I have really enjoyed it and how it has improved my flexibility and balance.  Thank you for getting me started on this journey!"


Jason: "Just wanted to thank you for all the knowledge and guidance through my yoga journey.  You are an awesome teacher and one of the reasons I practice at Backwards Yoga.  You've helped to create a great studio that really feel like home."


Mandy: "Down dog is always how I know if I'm doing good or not.  Emotionally or physically it all shows in down dog for me."