Our Vibe

"There is no place like home... except for the barn."  

Angela Meyer has been riding horses her whole life & tried yoga on a whim in 2015.  She quickly realized yoga’s impact on the body & realized what deeper awareness would give to horseback riders of any level or discipline.  In March of 2018, Angela completed her 200-hour Yoga Alliance training to become a certified yoga instructor.   Yoga and horseback riding are a natural fit through creating balance, strength, and harmony within the body.  Having better awareness within our own bodies helps translate to better communication within horse & rider relationships. 

Combining her passion to help others find healing with realizing their goals, Angela started "Stable Vibes Yoga".   These classes & workshops have been taught in barns & at riding facilities throughout Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.  Each practice presents a unique & rider-specific flow to incorporate mindfulness, meditation, pain management, breathing techniques, balance postures, tackling fear, learning about anatomy & biomechanics, and of course... having FUN!  

While exploring a deeper connection with nature (and our barn friends!), we build a practice that keeps us present in every moment, find tools to let go of negativity, challenge your mind & body, and explore how energy plays a role within your horse & rider equation.  Each movement can be modified or amplified to accommodate your body.  Use our contact page to request more information or to schedule a class or workshop with Stable Vibes Yoga!