What is a full moon ceremony?

One of my goals for this year was to start doing monthly full moon ceremonies at our yoga studio in Eldridge, IA.  I was nervous if anyone would be interested considering we're talking about a ceremony in a midwestern small town, BUT it has served people in a really beautiful way throughout 2019 thus far.  The lunar cycle controls the tides & we as humans are not immune to energy shifts.  During the full moon part of the cycle in particular, we can feel anxious, unfocused, scattered, and maybe even "stuck" in negative patterns.  

Full moon ceremonies are an incredible opportunity to gather with a group of other open-minded people and get some goals together for the month ahead.  Each month we focus on a relevant theme based on astrology & our healing crystal of the month.  This is a great introduction to metaphysical science & energy work as well as a yoga practice (nope, you don't even have to be able to touch your toes in order to join us!).  

If you'd like to sign up for this in-person experience, you can register at www.backwardsyogaiowa.com.  Don't live close by?  Check out each month's "Full Moon Guide" on the shop page!  Just $10 gets you a .pdf download that allows you the tools to create a Full Moon Ceremony for yourself at home & includes information about our healing crystal of the month.  

We combine journaling, movement, meditation, and community into a monthly experience unlike any other!  These ceremonies take place within the full moon time frame so can be used to help ground you back down from scattered feelings that this time within the lunar cycle can bring.  Hope to meet you on your mat!  Namaste.


DIY Full Moon Ceremony Guide HERE