So.. what's a chakra?

If we cut a person open we would not find an anatomical "chakra".  Rather, chakras are energy centers within the body (we have seven of them) that have the ability to be "balanced" and "unbalanced".  Imagine a little ball of light at your heart center... when the energy is too high (spinning too fast) we might be outwardly giving away too much, people pleasing, or feeling insecure about love.  On the other hand when it is too low (spinning slowly) we may be blocking out love that is coming our way, feel cold-hearted, etc.  Balanced heart energy would look like giving/receiving love (in the many ways we show love) in a way that is healthy and serves ourselves while serving others.

I know I know, she's talking about energy again.  But really, think about it, have you ever felt butterflies in your stomach?  If we cut you open I am sure that we wouldn't see a Monarch take flight out of your abdomen.  But we feel it- we feel different places of energy within the body that is connected to different aspects of life.  Here are the seven chakras that YOU have within you RIGHT NOW and what they look like when they're balanced:


1st: Root Chakra- deals with survival, is blocked by fear

2nd: Sacral Chakra- deals with pleasure, is blocked by guilt

3rd: Solar Plexus Chakra- deals with willpower, is blocked by shame

4th: Heart Chakra- deals with love, is blocked by grief

5th: Throat Chakra- deals with truth, is blocked by lies

6th: Third Eye Chakra- deals with insight, is blocked by what we think we see versus what is reality

7th: Crown Chakra-  deals with cosmic energy, is blocked by your attachment to your ego


What to find more balance?  DO YOGA.  Seriously, movement stimulates the energy flowing through our chakras and allows us to release negativity, toxins, etc. anywhere from our thought patterns into our physical body.  You'll love the way you feel- I promise!  Here's what we have for this week's online classes:

Tuesday (3/24/2020) 6:30pm

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