New Moon VS Full Moon.. what's the difference?!

With each moon phase comes new opportunity to take advantage of shifts in energy.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  It is easy to get distracted and caught up in what's going on right in front of us- all while feeling outside forces acting on us on an energetic level.   Twice a month we get together to check-in with ourselves and learn about what's going on around us to get re-connected.  The moon has affect over the ocean tides and we are made up of mostly water- its easy to see how we become so overwhelmed at times.  Practicing yoga, meditation, and journaling are just some of the tools we use within Full & New Moon Ceremonies to help you feel like yourself again.  So now... what's the difference between the full & new moon phases?!


New Moon:

+clean slate & rejuvenate  

+ruminate on your decisions & experiences

+new beginnings

+purifies energy to aid you in reflection


Full Moon:


+culmination of the powers that be

+spark that lights your wildest instincts

+last shove of energy that takes you over the edge