Finding Your Birth Chart

I'm a firm believer that you can teach an old dog as many new tricks as they're willing to learn.  MEANING, we're starting to incorporate more astrology into our full/new moon ceremonies!  Because we're paying attention to celestial bodies- why not think a little deeper into how that affects our own energy as well.  Each of us has a unique snapshot of stars/planetary objects that were in the sky during the exact moment we entered this life.  Below, you'll find a FREE birth chart that will require you to know (accuracy is SUPER important here) the city, date, and TIME of your birth.  From there you can dive as deep as your heart desires into your individual astrological meanings.  The one that is super important for this month's new moon ceremony is where Gemini is within our charts.  


The constellation of Gemini (this is your sun sign if your birthday is between May 21st-June 20th) is ruled by Mercury- the planet of communication & commerce.  This is an air sign that is also very adaptable.  Gemini energy is quick, devoted, passionate, enthusiastic, affectionate, and adventurous.  The symbol of Gemini is the twins, representing two personalities and not knowing which one you will encounter.  This energy can be nervous, indecisive, and inconsistent- giving a reputation of "two-faced" or a negative duality.  


So, if you don't have any Gemini within your personal birth chart- we can think about intentions this month being centered around Gemini energy.  Could you be more child-like in nature and not take things so seriously?  Do you need to emphasize pleasing the half of yourself that's NOT wanting to please everyone else?  Is there someone you need better communication with?  Are you feeling indecisive about something?


If you do have a planet (or multiple!) in Gemini you'll be able to find intentions based on that planet's qualities.  For example, Venus, might have you looking at intentions within love/self-love.  Hope this helps get you ready for Friday, May 22nd, 2020 New Moon Ceremony via Zoom Call! <3 


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